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Key Client: WebHealer. Logo-Icon-WebHealer-fw

Key Client: WebHealer

Web and print design for professional therapists

Key Client: WebHealer. Icon-WebHealer

WebHealer and Blue Squash

WebHealer is a provider of websites and website services for professional therapists. The service was founded in 2002 and WebHealer has been a key client of Blue Squash since 2006, helping therapists take their websites to another level.

Since 2006 I have created over 250 designs for WebHealer clients as well as acting as a design house for WebHealer's own requirements. One example of this is the WebHealer logo, originally created in 2008.

Key Client: WebHealer. Icon-Pencil-Mouse

WebHealer Standard Designs

WebHealer offers a 3-tier approach to design, with a range of customisation possibilities. Starting with standard designs which offer basic colour and logo/key image customisation, depending on the client's budget the options progress up to full bespoke design - the 'Gold' service. One big advantage with WebHealer is that whatever design a client chooses, all websites come with the following features:

  • Self editable with an easy-to-use content management system
  • Powerful search engine optimisation
  • Support and advice to help therapists grow their business

Most clients start with a small budget and choose a basic 'off the shelf' design, and Blue Squash has been instrumental since 2006 in pushing the boundaries of that standard design offering. A number of the current standard designs were created by us, and over the years the flexibility and quality of these entry level designs has improved immensely through our exploitation of emerging web technologies.

The aim with standard designs is to provide simple but elegant websites, capable of colour and image customisation by clients with only the most basic of technical skills.

Key Client: WebHealer. Icon-Lightbulb

Bespoke Designs

The primary area of business at Blue Squash is creating bespoke designs to meet the needs of WebHealer's therapist client base. A number of clients launch a website with WebHealer using a bespoke design from the outset, however a substantial number of clients start with a standard 'off the shelf' design and then upgrade as they start to see the benefits of their website.

Bespoke design offers a great deal of flexibility; for a range of examples please click on the links below.


Key Client: WebHealer. Icon-Phone

Mobile Friendly Design

Blue Squash is proud to now offer fully mobile friendly website design. Incorporating the latest 'responsive' web design technology our designs have been robustly tested on a wide range of desktop, tablet and mobile devices, running the most common home and mobile operating systems.

Being part of the core design team involved in the development of this technology with our partner PHD Interactive, we can now offer bespoke design on the new mobile friendly Social ColourMAX and Mobile ColourMAX platforms. Having completed over a dozen bespoke mobile friendly designs for WebHealer clients in 2013 and more than 25 in 2014, I'd be more than happy to discuss this increasingly popular option. Let me help you upgrade your website to take advantage of the increasing use of the mobile platform: for more information about WebHealer's mobile friendly design platform, see the WebHealer blog or webhealer.tumblr.com.

Key Client: WebHealer. Icon-Griffen-Mill

Griffen Mill Pixel Factory

Blue Squash is a founding member of the Griffen Mill Pixel Factory and remains one of the leading freelance designers within the group. With a background in art - especially paper and print - my focus is very much on original design with an artistic flair. This approach complements other Griffen Mill members who come with a more technical background, particularly in the latest web technologies and multimedia design tools.

If you wish to read more about our virtual co-operative Griffen Mill and particularly its work with WebHealer, visit the Griffen Mill Pixel Factory. You'll find details of some of the many projects we've been involved in, as well as our design guide series focussing on best practice in website design.

Key Client: WebHealer. Icon-WebHealer

To find out more about WebHealer

For more information about WebHealer or to find out more about how a bespoke website can help your business, you can contact them directly at www.webhealer.net. A number of clients do contact me first, however WebHealer work with a range of designers with varying areas of expertise and will be best suited to find the right person for your needs.

If you like what you see here and want Blue Squash to help design your WebHealer website, by all means tell the WebHealer customer support team. And if you would like to get in touch with me directly, please go to my Contact page.

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