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Bespoke Design & Value Websites

I offer two design approaches, depending on the kind of work a client needs and their budget: Bespoke design, charged at an hourly rate and Value websites, a custom layout available for a fixed cost which includes some extra bespoke design work. What are the differences? Here are some answers.

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What is Bespoke design?

Bespoke design is a one-to-one service for clients with specific requirements, looking for tailor-made design solutions. That can be something straightforward, like:

  • adding a logo to a website
  • making more limited changes to an existing website design, for things like new colours, images or fonts
  • help with styling content or adding new functionality like maps, video or forms

Or larger projects, like:

  • Designing a new website layout using more advanced styling techniques
  • preparing bespoke website content
  • Logo design or a wider business identity and branding
  • Designing and preparing work for print, like business cards or leaflets

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How much does Bespoke design work cost?

Bespoke design is carried out at £40 per hour, charged to the minute of time spent. After we’ve had a talk about the kind of work you need I can give an estimate of costs, but as one-to-one design work is quite collaborative jobs aren’t carried out to a fixed price. As a rough guide:

  • a change to a website like adding a logo or writing and testing a simple contact form can take an hour of work
  • more limited customisation of an existing website design can cost from £160, if we look to focus on styling, fonts and the kinds of things that make the biggest visual impression in the shortest time
  • a fully-bespoke design for a new website is more like starting with a blank sheet of paper, and would be budgeted from £400+
  • logo design can start from about £160, but cost varies depending on the amount of development the ideas require and the time needed to create any original artwork

You can find out more about Bespoke design here or on the other pages of my website, and answers to some of the common questions clients have about how it works (and a breakdown of costs) are here.

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What are Value websites?

Value websites are a set of prepared layout options, customised individually in consultation with the client. They are a focussed, fixed-cost route to an individual website design and can be updated and developed as new features or styling options become available.

Each Value website is individually customised with a bespoke colour scheme and a set of ten special ‘feature’ content images. They also come with some exclusive extras, compared to the standard ‘off the shelf’ website design:

  • more ways to use images across your pages
  • text formatted in columns
  • 'call to action' buttons
  • page content menus

By starting with a modern, responsive website layout and making specific changes to its styling we can prepare an individual design for a much lower price than the cost of building a new one from scratch. Add to that a set of images picked and prepared as part of the website customisation, and a strong visual identity can be developed in any number of ways.

There are currently five Value websites available to pick from. Click below to visit a working sample site for each one:

Some Value websites come with a design variation, so you have an alternative to pick from for the fonts or styling used. You can find out more about this when you visit each of the sample sites above.

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How much do Value websites cost? How does it work?

There’s a one-off cost of £250 for setting up a Value website. That includes:

  • an initial conversation on the phone about the work, and the kind of styling and images you’d like
  • the development of a customised test page for the new design, and a shortlist of feature images to pick from
  • one or two rounds of feedback on that test page, to refine the design and choice of images
  • setting up the design on your own website, preparing the final set of feature images and providing support material, to help you move forward with editing and styling your pages

If you would like any further work which the cost of setting up a Value website doesn’t cover, like changes to the site’s layout, different font choices or help with styling page content, we can discuss this in our initial conversation. Extra work is carried out at the Bespoke design rate of £40 per hour.

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What’s next?

Hopefully this page contains all the essential things you need to know, so that when we speak we can either talk about individual one-to-one Bespoke design, or start to discuss which Value website layout you’d like to use, and how we’ll customise it.

Please have a look at the rest of my website, at the links to the Value sites above, and if you have any questions note them down and we can go through them when we talk on the phone.

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