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Expand the potential of your online business with bespoke web design

Bespoke web design is a one-to-one service for clients with specific requirements, looking for tailor-made solutions:

  • Designing a new website layout, or making changes to an existing site design
  • Adding a logo or other styling to help bring the look of your website into line with the rest of your marketing
  • Preparing bespoke content or adding third-party services like maps, video or a contact form

More broadly, bespoke design also covers things like logo creation, preparing material for print or developing wider branding and marketing, which can often go hand-in-hand with designing a new website. If you are also interestsed in work for branding or print, find out more here.

Here are some bespoke websites I've worked on recently. They show customisation at its fullest, taking control of colours, fonts and images to integrate each page's content into the overall look of the site. Every element has been considered as part of a whole, creating professional-looking, flexible designs that can be edited by the client with the same (or often more) functionality as the 'off the shelf' option.

These websites also use Bespoke design, but make more limited changes: for the customisation of fonts and colours, or to include a logo and other feature images. This approach works best when we need to integrate unique elements into a design, but cost is also an issue.

How much does Bespoke web design cost?

Bespoke design is carried out at £40 per hour. Below are guides to costs for some of the most common kinds of work I carry out, and after an intial conversation to find out what help you need I'd be able to give you more detailed feedback based on my experience of previous similar jobs.

Bespoke website design
A fully-bespoke design for a new website is like starting with a blank sheet of paper, and would be budgeted from £400+.*

* If you are interested in customising the layout of your website I would suggest looking at the Target designs I offer as a first step: while you might feel you want to take the look of your site further than this, Target tends to be the most cost-effective way of moving onto a robust, responsive and modern site structure that we can then continue to develop.

More limited website customisation
More limited customisation of an existing website design (like the second set of examples above) can cost from £200, if we focus on the things that will make the biggest visual impact.

Adding a logo (or other simple changes)
Changes to a website like adding a logo or writing and testing a simple contact form can take around an hour of work.

Bespoke & third-party forms
Writing more complex bespoke forms or integrating a third-party mailing list signup into your website (like MailChimp) can take 2-3 hours of work.

Logo design
Logo design can start from about £150-£200, but costs vary depending on the amount of development required and the time needed to create any original artwork. It's essential to get your branding right, so feedback and discussion are important!

Designing material for print
Designing and preparing material for print - like a business card or a letterhead - can take a couple of hours for each piece of work. This varies depending on what we might already have as our "assets" (an existing logo or branding), and on the complexity of what we're looking to do.

As one-to-one design is collaborative by nature jobs aren’t carried out to a fixed price: the figures here are guides rather than estimates, with part of the cost being driven from the client’s end through feedback or tutoring.

What's next?

If you are interested in having some help with your website and would like to get in touch, please contact me through my online form or by calling 0208 133 1578. It's usually easiest to start by then arranging an initial conversation on the phone.

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